S*Stortassen's Kullar


Coonattack Sloppy Joe Jackson MCO n 09 22 Coonattack Redding Red Handed MCO d 22 Tuscaloosa's Ivanhoe MCO n 09 22
DK*Mountaineer's Kissimee MCO gs
Coonattack Itsy Bitsy MCO fs 09 22 Witchbreeds Pale Ryder MCO es 09 22
Spitzšcker's Gwendolyn MCO ns 09 22
Purrsimphony Vienna of Stortassens*S MCO d 22 Alwaro Air Force One MCO d W'Volcano Alwaro*PL MCO d 22
Jeta Top Coon*PL MCO f 23
Orkidea of Beyrouth,CZ MCO d 22 Beyrouth Cat Cabaret*PL MCO d 22
Pillowtalk's Orchidea MCO f 22
Stortassens Mainecoon

S * Stortassen Maine Coon är FiFe / SVERAK Diplomae uppfödning