S*Stortassen's Kullar


CH S*Stortassen's Usher , d 22 Red classic tabby CH S*Topzy Tail's Gandhi MCO d 09 22 Zeke Silvi-Cola*PL MCO d 22
FIN*Escape's Never Ending MCO d 22
CH Purrsimphony Vienna of Stortassens*S MCO d 22 Alwaro Air Force One MCO d
W'Volcano Alwaro*PL MCO d 22
FI*Escape's Xiu of Stortassen´s gs 09 22 IC IT*Victorycoon's Somebody to Love JW MCO ns Justcoons Irish Black Night MCO ns
Elphinstone Irish Cooler MCO ds 22
CH FI*Escape's Rihanna JW MCO g 09 22 FIN*NomenEst Jupiter Jones MCO a 09 22
Don Juan of Coon-Castle MCO d 09 22
Stortassens Mainecoon

S * Stortassen Maine Coon är FiFe / SVERAK Diplomae uppfödning